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Commonly Asked Questions?
Emergency preparedness, food storage, camping, and survival questions asked by our users.
What is emergency preparedness?
Emergency preparedness means taking action to be ready for emergencies before they happen. The objective of emergency preparedness is to simplify decision making during emergencies. The emergency preparedness process incorporates the means to rapidly identify, evaluate and react to a wide spectrum of emergency conditions. Emergency plans are dynamic and are routinely reviewed and updated to reflect an ever changing environment.
How do I safely cook indoors when the power goes out?

Single burner butane stoves are probably your safest option. They’re used in demonstration cooking, hotel brunch omelet stations and table side service carts. They should not be used in small rooms with poor circulation though, because depending on the O2 level they can create carbon monoxide. “When oxygen is plentiful, butane burns to form carbon dioxide and water vapor; when oxygen is limited, carbon monoxide may also be formed.”

Do I really need to store food? I don't live in a dangerous area.

Please see the video above for more context on the actual state of the world.

Should I buy wheat if I don't have a wheat grinder?

Yes. There are many ways to consume wheat that do not require a wheat grinder (sprout, soak, etc.). Also, I’m sure you’ll find that at least a few people (if not more) in your neighborhood owns a grinder.

How do I store water long term?

This really depends on where you live in the world. If you are in most parts of the USA you will just need to find a suitable container, fill it up, and store it in a dark area. DO NOT store your water in direct sunlight or directly on cement. See blog post on Water Storage for more information.

How do I work preparedness into my budget?

Everybody’s budget is different, but I recommend you do a ZERO based budget. Give every dollar a place to go. The important part is that you put something towards preparedness each month. A little bit goes a long way over a period of time.

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