Utah is NOT ready for the “Big One.” I went to a preparedness expo a few weeks ago and I had the chance to talk with a guy from Utah Disaster Relief. He told me about all of the little clean up jobs he and the company take care of on a daily basis. Most of these are simple power outages,  water line breaks and flooded basements. As he has counseled with the families about their plans until the problems is solved, he has noticed that very few people have a 3 day supply of food, water and emergency supplies. He also told me that if Utah has an earthquake in the 7.0 range, it is estimated that we will lose power and water for a minimum of 3 weeks. If we get anything larger, it would most certainly be more than a month.

This message is not just for Utahan’s but for everyone. If you don’t have a minimum of a 3 day supply of food and emergency supplies, get it NOW. Take a few bucks each month and store a little more until you have enough to take care of your family for a full month.

If you already have some storage please share some tips in the comments to help other reader get started.

– What do you have in your 72 hour kits?

– Where did you buy your supplies?

– Do you have any advice for beginners?